About us  

“Identifying needs… surpassing expectations”

In a world where access control and identification management are of tantamount importance to countries and companies alike, the services and products offered by Face Technologies are becoming more valuable by the day.


Face Technologies, or Face as the company is commonly referred to, is an IT systems integrator specialising in card technology and biometrics. Founded in 1993, we have in excess of 15 years’ experience in this specialised field.

Based in South Africa, Face has gained international respect over the years, having been the recipient of numerous international awards. We have clients in the welfare, government, telecommunications and financial services sectors, in both developed and emerging markets across three continents.

We focus on empowering businesses, organisations and governments to effectively identify personnel, clients and assets, and take pride in providing them with customised, seamless solutions. This, we believe, has placed us in a position to offer unrivalled experience in our industry. We have taken the time to establish and nurture strategic partnerships with international technology vendors, whilst choosing to remain product independent, so as to truly offer our clients the very best solutions the industry has to offer.


We aim to develop, supply and implement business solutions for effective identification focusing on biometrics and smart card technologies.

Business Values

We take our commitment to our clients very seriously.  We are customer-focused and strive to become a trusted technology partner and advisor to our clients.  We not only provide them with appropriate solutions, but also empower them with relevant education and skills transfer, helping them to understand specific technology and how it applies to their situation.

We have served numerous clients for several years and these clients will attest to the fact that we not only forge long-term relationships with them. We have also worked hard at getting to know their business challenges inside out in order to provide them with effective and cost-effective solutions.

Comprehensive support goes full circle

Face is all about delivering business value and applicable, cost-effective solutions.  We view our offering in terms of a circle of life … we offer support and solutions for every stage of your organisation’s journey through its lifetime.

Years of dedicated research led us to design our ‘Circle of Life and Beyond… Framework’. Our vision is to provide citizen-centred service delivery solutions.

This framework specifically recognises the requirement for an integrated, single, logical, individual identification and authentication database.

At the centre of the framework is a single, integrated database of basic information on people. Government and non-government organisations are given the opportunity of interfacing with this data and, in return, permit interfacing with their own databases by means of a common key, such as a unique national identity number allocated to each registered person.

Face not only provides customised solutions for the various components within this framework, but facilitates integration with solutions in external environments.

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